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💻 Peltier CPU Cooling Test (Dr. NOOB's Lab)

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Today we are going to dive into cooling your computer with a Peltier plate. This was my 1st time trying this. These plates have been used in several cell phone charging tutorials however they can also be used to cool a CPU or GPU if done correctly. Side notes: I got better results after securing the heat sink with screws. Mainly this is due to a better contact, just be careful how tight you make it as you can crack the peltier plate. Also as stated in the video I ran out of electrical tape so I used scotch tape instead, please use electrical tape if doing this on your main machine. Since this was just a test no big deal. Thermal grease/paste is fine to spread with your finger, just wash your hands before and after! The amount of grease and skin cells from your finger is so minimal that the dust and moisture in your room probably has more of a negative effect. The actual debate of whether it is okay is mainly due to non-plated CPU's back in the day where the chip and breadboard was exposed. If it is an older cpu that looks like that do not use your finger. get Peltier plates: https://

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