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LOVE ME IF YOU DARE 他来了请闭眼 Ep 15 – The Kissing Theory

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LOVE ME IF YOU DARE 他来了请闭眼 | Starring Wallace Huo & Sandra Ma! Watch Now On DramaFever! ➤ (Imperial Doctress) and Sandra Ma (Mysterious Summer) star in a crime drama about a man whose past refuses to leave him, and threatens his future. While a criminal profiler and his assistant stop evil using their wits, a serial killer stalks the officer and makes his life a nightmare. Jin Yan “Simon” Bo (Wallace Huo) is a brilliant criminal profiler. He doesn’t have many emotions of his own, but he understands the psyche of criminals like a science. As the youngest visiting professor at the University of Maryland and consultant to the police, Simon is the best in the business. After a close encounter with a serial killer, the profiler returns to China. There, he starts working as a crime scene consultant for the Ministry of Public Security. Yao “Jenny” Jian (Sandra Ma) is a translator. A graduate of the Foreign Language University, she works as Simon’s assistant and interpreter. Jenny is the daughter of a veteran officer who died on duty, and this has shaped her personality. She has a strong sense of justice and is observant of the smallest details. She works tirelessly to stop crime. Together, Simon and Jenny form a deadly team, solving one case after another. Suddenly, a strange thing starts to happen. Someone starts leaving a “calling card” for Simon at each crime scene the profiler visits. The suspect is a serial killer and stalker. He knows everything about Simon’s past. And he is willing to go through everyone to get to Simon. Now Simon has to find, and defeat, his nemesis. The pool of suspects, meaning those who know Simon’s past, is small. Han “Jabber” Xie (Lu Yi Zhang) is a brilliant but emotionally unstable literature buff who grew up in an abusive household. Xun Ran Li (Wang Kai from Nirvana in Fire and When a Snail Falls in Love) is Jenny’s close friend and a celebrated police officer. Zi Yu “Kris” Fu (Andrew Yin) is Simon’s only friend and a multitalented medical and software genius. Zi Qi Yin (Ling Zhi Zhang) is Simon’s sister and a corporate executive who cares about nothing but her company’s profits. Simon doesn’t know who is after him. And sadly for those around him, the stalker is willing to go through them to get to him. If the profiler cannot identify and defeat his enemy soon, Simon may prove to be the unfortunate person his friends and family shouldn’t have dared to love. Also known as “Close Your Eyes, and Close To Me” and “He Is Here, Please Close Your Eyes,” Love Me If You Dare is directed by Zhang Kai Zhou (When a Snail Falls in Love). The drama is based on an original novel by Ding Mo, who also authored the novel that inspired When a Snail Falls in Love. The series’ original broadcast period on Sohu Online and Dragon TV is from October 15, 2015 to January 4, 2016. The series has been credited with creating an international interest in Chinese crime dramas, with the series bringing in an unusually high amount of non-Chinese fans.

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