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Get your official 5-Minute Crafts Merch today! https:///stores/5minutecrafts AMAZING FOOD CRAFTS Who told the world that food is only made for eating? It can be a real work of art indeed! There’s something festive about crafting with pasta and macaroni over any fest season. That’s why we couldn’t resist making some fun pasta art this time! These Christmas Tree Pasta and Macaroni craft cards are perfect for kids and adults to make! Simply make them as art, cards or even glue onto cardboard to turn them into ornaments! I know it's a little ahead of time, but who cares? : ) This is the perfect craft for preschoolers to make, but kids of all ages will love it too! You can even add glitter to make the Christmas Trees sparkle a little bit too. You may think you have to paint each noodle – but we have a quick little trick. Just grab a sandwich bag, put all of your noodles in the bag and then some paint and squish around! Once you’ve thoroughly coated your noodles with paint, lay them out flat to dry. Preferably on wax paper. If any of the noodles are still “stuck” together they will slightly stick when the paint dries too. However, you can easily still pull these apart once the paint is dry (this may be hard for kids to do though). Here’s what you’ll need: – Fusilli Noodles (or any other long noodle like a penne could work too) – Macaroni Noodles – Small gold glitter stickers – Clear glue – we like this one also for gluing macaroni as it’s stronger and more durable – White cardstock – Acrylic paint – green, white, red & gold is what we used but also tempera or kids paint would work too. TIMESTAMPS: 0:59 Macaroni crafts 2:33 Electricity and vegetables 4:59 Microwave omelet ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://(https:///licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: (https:///licenses/by/4.0/) Source: (https:///licenses/by/4.0/) Source: (https:///licenses/by/4.0/) Source: (https:///licenses/by/4.0/) Artist:

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