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All Rush Attack Sounds (so far) (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

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There used to be one, but it got deleted. So, I made a new one. It contains audio from the games, the Anime, and the Drama CDs (as of 2016). Video includes: Jotaro Kujo (オラオラ) DIO (無駄無駄) Josuke Higashikata (DIU) (ドララ) Giorno Giovanna (無駄無駄) Bruno Buccellati (アリアリ) Narancia Ghirga (ボラボラ) Trish Una (ワアアアナビイー) Jolyne Cujoh (オラオラ) Johnny Joestar (オラオラ) Josuke Higashikata (JJL) (オラアラ) EDIT: Common complaints. 1) I totally fucked with EoH Giorno's VA and PS2 Buccerati's VA names. 2) Matt Mercer does voice Jotaro in the English dub, but the test dub has Patrick Seitz voicing Star Platinum. 3) I forgot to include Purple Haze's rush attack sounds, Polnareff's rush sounds, and at least a small joke about Rubber Soul/Kakyoin's ReroRero. I do not own any of the audio or visuals from this video. All content belongs to their original owners. Please support the official release of this series.

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