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Roommates- A LOLENA STORY- 13

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2/4 - marathon comment on every part! :D - ''Look Selena, I like you. But I'm honestly not sure If I'm the type of guy that can make full commitments.'' Logan truthfully told her. ''What's that supposed to mean?'' The girl asked, while getting off his lap. ''I don't know. It's just, you mean a lot to me, and I don't want to lose you. But, I'm not the best person. I haven't been in an actual relationship in a while, and I just- you're different.'' Logan sighed, unable to explain himself. ''So your saying that you don't want to be with me?'' Selena said, crossing her arms against her chest. Logan shook his head quickly, ''No! I do.'' Selena raised her eyebrows in slight anger and frustration, ''Then what?'' A defeated sigh filled the room. Logan got up, placing his hands on Selena's arms. ''I just can't make any promises that I won't hurt you.'' He explained. ''I'm not asking for you to.'' Selena said gazing into his eyes. She couldn't help but getting lost in them. ''Then what are you asking?'' Logan questioned, snapping Selena out of her fantasy. ''I'm asking for us to become something.'' She vaguely told him. ''Become what? A couple? Look Selena, it's not that I don't like you. I'm just, I can try not to hurt you, But, there's no guarantee that I won't make a mistake. And you really are important to me, I'm just afraid if I hurt you, I'd lose you forever. I know you like to run away from me.'' Logan told her, gazing intensely into her almond eyes. Selena smiled, touched by how much he cared about her. ''How bout we take the first step?'' Logan raised his eyebrows in confusion. ''Friends?'' She said, reminding Logan about the fact that they hated each other. A small smirk revealed on Logan's face. ''I'd like that.'' He said happily. - ''Miley? It's 4 in the morning! Why are you calling me?'' Selena grumpily said into her phone. ''Can I come over?'' Miley asked, she seemed to be whispering. She seemed to be crying. Selena instantly jumped out of bed after hearing Miley's broken voice. ''I'll pick you up. Where are you?'' Selena asked eagerly. Miley softly knocked on Selena's door. Selena quickly rushed to open the door. To her surprise, it revealed a crying Miley. Her pure face was bruised, slightly bleeding. Selena quickly wrapped her arms around the injured girl, allowing Miley to cry into her shirt. Logan awoken to find two unclear petite figures hugging in the doorway. He rubbed his eyes to see clearer. He made out who the females were. The half asleep boy quickly jumped out of bed, making his way to the girls. ''Miley? What's wrong?'' He asked concerned. Miley slowly pulled away from the hug, revealing her bruised face to Logan. ''Can I- stay here?'' She said in between sobs. Logan quickly hugged her also, ''Of course.'' ''Nick?'' He mouthed to Selena. Selena nodded, staring at the two. She couldn't help but feel a slight feeling of jealousy. She quickly reminded herself that he was only trying to comfort her, and shook off her unwanted feelings. Miley offered to sleep on the floor, but Selena wouldn't allow it. She allowed Miley to sleep on her bed, Selena herself, taking the floor. Logan waited for Miley and Selena to both be fast asleep. He silently got out of bed and made his way to where Selena was sleeping. He picked her up in his arms softly, moving her to his bed. He tucked Selena in and kissed her forehead, whispering goodnight. Logan pulled away, walking to the spot on the floor where Selena had slept. A tug on his arm stopped him. He turned around to find Selena awake. ''Stay?'' She whispered pleadingly. Logan smiled while nodding. He tucked himself in, next to Selena.

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