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Do You Believe In Only Love At First Sight? JustMine Love Story Episode 41 Marathon

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OKaay.. here with the story.. Episode 41 Christian: ugh! why me?! anyways i pick...dare Chaz: i dare you to... sing and dance like a girl "All the single ladies" !! Christian: dude!! ugh!!.. fine! *sings and dance like a girl "All the single ladies"* Everyone: *laugh* Christian: okay happy? now my turn *spins the bottle and points to Jessica* Truth or dare? *nervous* Jessica: uhm .. i pick truth Christian: *looks at the boys* Boys: *whisper* do it!! Christian: *whispers* fine! *looks at Jessica* Jessica, do you have feelings for me? Jessica: uh.. y-yes..*blushes* Everyone: aww!! Jessica: my turn!! *spins the bottle and points to Chaz* Truth or dare? Chaz: hmm..uh...hmmm...okay dare Jessica: i dare you to kiss Caitlyn! Chaz: *looks at Caitlyn* Jessica: c'mon it's just because you two don't kiss to much, i saw you kissing the last day before our camp, you guys have to kiss more!! Chaz,Caitlyn: fine! *they kiss* (After 1 minute) Justin,Ryan,Nathan,Christian: whooo!! Chaz,Caitlyn: *pulls away* done! Caitlyn: okay my turn *grabs the bottle, spins it and points to Cherry* Cherry Truth or Dare? Cherry: Dare! Caitlyn: okay wait.. yes i got it! i dare you to act like you hate Ryan and break up with him! it's just act okay? *giggles* Ryan: ow this is gonna be bad! Cherry: okay..*starts acting* I HATE YOU I WON'T FORGIVE YOU NEVER!! NEVER!!! JUST GO AND DON'T TALK TO ME ANYMORE, YOU JERK!!, GO WITH HER AND FUCK YOUR GIRLFRIEND I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU ANYMORE!!! I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU ANYMORE!! *looks at the guys* do i have to slap him? *giggles* Ryan: no!!! don't !! girl stop it you're scaring me you're acting like it's real! Everyone: no don't slap him!! *laugh* Cherry: sorry babe *kisses his cheek* Ryan: it's okay now my turn.. *spins the bottle and it points to Justin* Justin: i think dare.. Ryan: okay this is easy.. kiss Jasmine for 5 minutes Justin: what? oh okay , you ready baby? Jasmine: yeah *smiles* Justin: *walks closer to her and kisses her* Jasmine: *kisses back* (After 5 minutes) Everyone: *clapping* whooo!!! Jasmine: *pulls away, smiles* my turn!! *spins the bottle and it points to Nathan* Truth or Dare? Nathan: dare!! Jasmine: why is everyone picking dare? Justin: 'cause it's fun.. *warps arms around her* Nathan: hey people i'm still here! Jasmine: okay, okay! i dare you to act like asking Carol to marry you! Nathan: sounds fun.. Carol: *giggles* Nathan: *coughs* Carol *looks at her* Carol: *laughs loud* sorry sorry sorry try again.. *giggles* Everyone: *looking at them* Nathan: okay *smiles, kneels on the floor* Carol will you marry me? Carol: no!! Everyone: *laughs* Nathan: what??!! no??!!! Carol: i'm kidding!! *giggles* of course yes! *kisses him* Nathan: *kisses back* Carol: okay last!! *spins the bottle and points to Christian again* you're lucky today huh? *laughs* so Truth or Dare? Christian: What??!! me again!!? Jasmine: yeah you're soo lucky!! *laughs* Justin: Carol wait..*whispers something to her* okay? Carol: okay... Justin: *walks back and sits next to Jasmine* Jasmine: What did you said to Carol? Justin: *whispers to Jasmine* Carol: so? Christian: hmmm... truth Carol: c'mon dare!! or ... you're scared of something? Christian: No!! i'm not scared of anything!! Carol: then pick Dare! Christian: fine!!! dare!! so what?! HAVING FUN!!! OHH CHRISTIAN YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO DO!!!!! HAHAHA GO CAROL

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