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In this video we head over to our birth grandparents house and spend the day swimming. Matt thinks that Cash deserves a swirly as punishment while Amber tries to stop it from happening. Then ping pong balls fall from the sky out of a helicopter and the winner with the magic ping pong ball is given a bike. We finish the night out with sky divers showing us their skills. Would you sky dive if you could? After our struggles with infertility and many miscarriages our third son was stillborn due to trisomy 18. Shortly after, Amber had a dream about a little girl with light brown hair and striking blue eyes that was meant to be part of our family. We knew we were meant to adopt. Shortly after Lenna joined our family through adoption and this is our story. We share with you our open adoption, everything DIY (we love all things "do it yourself"), science projects, kid activity ideas, crafts, and hair tutorials. Matt and Amber Cash (7) Jett (5) Lenna (2) So glad to have you! Don't forget to subscribe while you're here! We post new videos every Monday, Friday, Sunday and live streams Wednesday. *****Follow Us Below***** Matt -

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