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Body Builders Vs Fighters | Can Body Builders Fight?

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Can body builders fight? Well, you've come to the right place. Music: [Future Bass] JAZZPAH - --・゚✧--・゚✧--・゚✧ Miza - Dark World - No Copyright Music Free Rap Instrumental - Mega script: "It's interesting, and I know many of you experience this. When we go to the gym to train, there's always this one bodybuilder who looks at you like the amount of iron you're lifting is equivalent to the amount he had in his cereal that morning. He looks at you like he's manlier than you, that some how, his bixorexia, fixation with being huge, thus larger muscles makes him better than you, giving this sense that he could dominate you... As tribal creatures, that instinctive sense to dominate probably would have in sense been expressed through fighting, and so in a way, they are probably commincating that they are the alpha because through their bigger muscles, their image, they feel they are better fighters than you... But is that true? Is that dominant, alpha feeling they express justified? Well, the question you'd have to ask first is can a body builder fight period? Before we jump into striking, lets first see how they fair against jiu jitsu, then ask why it turned out the way it did. Notice how the body builder shoots in for a takedown and tries to muscle his way through his opponent, but it doesn't work, the martial artist uses the integrity of his bones to use leverage his opponent into a more favourable position. First note why the builder loses this exchange. It's easy... bones are always stronger than muscle, and if you can use technique to use your bones instead as the jiu jitsu practitioner did, you'll probably win the exchange. The moment he lands on his back, he doesn't even realize what just happened, and he tries to muscle his way back up, but easily through the guilotine choke, the martial artist leverages his opponent back to the mat. The first reason why high muscular strength will lose to a trained and educated martial artist is simply because bones are stronger than muscle it alone will probably not beat solid technique. Here, we can highlight the fact muscles eventually fatigue, and when the muscle is tired from the persistent force applied through leverage, it might aswell not exist. There goes the arm. with all of that established, it's easy to see why the black belt here easily destroyed a bodybuilder who didn't really have any techniques to properly hurt his opponent. thus Technique and leverage will typically outclass sheer muscular strength on its own, whilst the person who never trained their muscles to hurt will have no real tools to fight back. It's clear, when it comes to grappling, the person who did not train to grapple will lose in grappling the same way the person who did not train to lift heavy weights will lose in lifting heavy weights... They are different discpliens and when a meat head implies it's somehow the same through their ego, these instances have proved its delusional. But what about striking? This body builder, KV proclaims being a golden gloves champ and a muay thai champ at age 15, and now it appears he's retained all this mass. It's fair to say this man does have power, if he hits you, it will hurt, but his strikes look forced, they are very telephgraphed, and near the end he looks fatigued. Overall, this doesn't look very practical, and if we were to put such a man against a fighter in the UFC, he's 230 lbs which at 5,8 puts him in the heavyweight class, I don't see his stiffness and telegraphed nature being effective vs any of them. The black beast, who's of the same weightclass probably for once might not break a sweat during his match..."

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