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Beautiful Names of Allah (Part 18): Al-Wahhab

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In this video, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses the name Al-Wahhab. Summary: • The name occurs 3 times in the Qur'an and comes from the root WaHaBa, which means to give (as gift) to somebody else something you own and without wanting anything back in return. • The word Hiba (to gift) is derived from Wahaba, to give as a gift without any strings attached. • Al-Wahhab gives and continuously gives what is His to us, without us working for it or deserving it, purely from His generosity. • Spiritual and Family blessings are typically associated with Al-Wahhab in the Qur'an. Family Blessings: • Ex 1: Ibrahim (a.s.) said: All praise be to Allah who has (wahaba) gifted me Ismail and Ishaq even though I am old. • Allah also tells Ibrahim "We gifted Ibrahim with Ishaq and Ya'qub" (ie, son and grandson) • Ex 2: Allah says: "We gifted Dawud with Sulaiman" • Ex 3: Zakariya (a.s) asked Allah: "Gift me of you a wali (son)" so Allah says "We gifted him Sulaiman" • Ex 4: Jibril (a.s) said to Maryam (a.s). "I am the messenger so that Allah will gift you" (referring to Jesus/Eisa) • We should frequently make the du'a "Rabbana Hablana (Oh Lord, gift us) min Azwajina wa Durriyatina... (til end)" • Those who don't have children may use "Wahhab" to ask for it, and those who already have children use it to "bless" the family Spiritual Blessings: • Ex 1:Musa "Oh Allah gift me wisdom" • Ex 2: The famous du'a: "Rabbana La Tuzig Qulubana... Ba'da Idh Hadaitana Wa Hab Lana Milladunka Rahmah Innaka Antal Wahhab" (gift us Rahma, you are the Wahhab) Sulaiman (a.s.), one the great Prophets, also a King, made du'a to Allah: "Rabbi Habli Mulkan...Innaka Antal Wahhab," asking for an unparalleled dominion. Allah responded "Fa Wahabna lahu..." (We gifted him).. • Because Allah is Al-Wahhab, by nature he gives without asking, so how about when we actually ask Allah? "Make du'a and I will respond" says Allah to us. When we make du'a for something Halal, it is always responded to, but in 3 different ways: a) What we ask is given to us. b) What we ask, Allah instead diverts us from it since it was not in our best interest. So we are saved from a calamity. c) Allah grants us an even better gift on Judgment day • Aisha (r.a) said "Ask Allah for everything..." (even shoelace) Al-Wahhab appears a third time in the Qur'an in Surah Saad in dual form Al-Azeez Al-Wahhab - He is powerful and is able to gift. Note, Hadith Qudsi: Even if all of mankind and Jinn were to ask Allah for all that we desire and Allah gifts it to us, it would not diminish from His dominion a single bit just as a needle dipped in ocean does not reduce the ocean. Therefore, we should use the name of Allah Al-Wahhab to ask for the greatest and highest of all things because Al-Wahhab may open up that door, especially in spiritual and family blessings. Recorded: June 29, 2016 - Memphis Islamic Center © Shaykh Dr Yasir Qadhi - Official Youtube Channel

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