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Justin Bieber Love Story Ep.50

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-In Jasmine's Room- Abby: So what movie are we watching? Jasmine: Umm...How about The Last Exorcism! Abby: Cool! Jasmine: *Sits next to Justin* AbbyPOV: Uhh *End of POV (LOL)* Jasmine: *Lays her head on his shoulder* Justin: *Kisses Jasmine's Head & Watches the movie* Jasmine: I Love you! Justin: *Hugs her* Aww...I Love you too! Abby: You guys are soo Nasty! Jasmine & Justin: *Giggle* What? Abby: The I Love you stuff! Justin: Well...Thats love! *Smiles at Jasmine* Jasmine: *Smiles Back* Yea it is Abby: Yuck! Jasmine & Justin: *Giggle & Continue watching the movie* -Everyone Goes to sleep- -Abby is downstairs watching Tv- Justin: *Wakes up & Goes downstairs to the kitchen* Abby: Hey! Justin: Hey? Abby: *Walks up to him* Why are you here? Justin: Cause i want to get some water!...You? Abby: Watching Tv!...Hey...umm...do you believe in Love at first sight! Justin: *Smiles* I Do...Jasmine Proved it! Abby: *Frowns* Justin: Whats wrong? Abby: Nothing *Walks away* Justin: Really! Abby: Well...*Grabs him & Kisses him* Justin: *Pushes her off of him* GET OFF! Abby: I LOVE YOU JUSTIN DREW BIEBER! Justin: Your Best friends Cousin is MY GIRLFRIEND WTH IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!? *Goes back upstairs* Abby: *Mumbles* You will be mine Justin Drew Bieber! JustinPOV: Yuckk..Now i got Abby lips on me! (LOL) I Washed my teeth and went back to bed with Jasmine who was still sleeping...i figure i won't tell her about the incident...She will be heartbroken!...I layed beside her, wrapped my arms around her and went back to sleep....Having some sweet dreams about her! *End of POV* -Morning- Jasmine: *Wakes up & Moans* Uhh!..Im soo tired! Justin: *Smiles* Goodmorning Babe! Jasmine: *Smiles* Goodmorning Baby! Justin: You wanna go to Ihop today? Jasmine: Umm...I Don't think we can! Justin: What do you mean? Jasmine: Umm...Bieber Fans...Jasmine Haters! yeah! Justin: Oh Well then well make pancakes and eat them in your backyard where the garden is! Jasmine: Aww...So romantic! Justin: *Blushes* Yeah i know! Jasmine: Well lets go make some pancakes! Justin: *Giggles* Ok *Carries her bridal style Downstairs* -They Make Pancakes & Go to the Garden Did ya like? Uhh Abby is such a BITCH! LOL Please comment & sub!

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