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TRT World - World in Two Minutes, 2015, August 26, 11:00 GMT

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UN Calls for Action on Refugees The UN’s High Commissioner for Refugees has told European states to find a solution to its refugee crisis. The agency says Europe needs to help Greece, Macedonia and Serbia as they no longer have the resources to deal with the problem. The UN says 340 thousand asylum seekers have entered Europe so far this year. Hungary is one of the easternmost points of entry into the EU...It’s registered 100 thousand refugees for 2015. That’s more than double the number for the whole of last year. Bomb ‘Smelled of TNT’ Explosive experts say the bomb that exploded at Bangkok’s Erawan Shrine last week smelled like TNT. But they haven’t yet received chemical test results. The bombing killed 20 people and injured another 120. Thai police are still searching for the man they suspect was carrying the bomb. Security footage shows him placing a backpack at the Shrine and walking away. Police also say they don’t know whether he is a Thai national or from an international group. Colombians Flee Over 100 Colombians have fled Venezuela over its western border. They say Venezuelan soldiers told them they had 72 hours to leave. Last week, President Nicolas Maduro declared a state of emergency and deported more than 1,000 Colombians. He also closed a border crossing more than 2,000-kilometres long between the two states. About 5 million Colombians live in Venezuela. Many of them are there because they’ve fled Colombia’s 50-year conflict. Maduro blames them for crime and food shortages. Can We Escape Black Holes? Scientist Stephen Hawking says he may be able to find the solution to the biggest problem theoretical physicists face -- what happens to something after it enters a black hole. He says he doubts Albert Einstein’s theory that black holes swallow and destroy things. He also suggests there may be a way to get out of a black hole. Black holes are formed when stars die and collapse into themselves. They then generate a gravitational pull so strong that it overwhelms all other forces...including light. Facebook: https://

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