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Hot woman grabs and squeezes balls hard

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A hot woman enters a room to see a man only in his underwear abusing a prostitute. He tells her to get out but she refuses to. He walks up to her but she kicks him in the stomach causing him to fall across the room. He gets up and runs towards her and she knees him in the groin, but he blocks the blow with his hands. She then punches him in the face, causing his hands to move away from his groin area, exposing his vulnerable nuts. She then turns around and grabs and squeezes his balls with her back facing him and says some things to him. She squeezes his balls really hard and you can hear the crunching sounds of them rupturing under the pressure. He clenches his teeth, fighting through the pain and also tries to pry her hand off his testicles, but to no avail. After 7 to 8 seconds and crushing his genitals, she finally lets go and he falls to the floor to clutch his squished grapes in extreme pain. She then goes to help the abused prostitute. Looks like he won't be able to have sex with anyone anytime soon thanks to her! Movie: Bloordrayne 3 Type: Grab Actress: Nathassia Malthe

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