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Skapes & Ke-An - Memories (Jhonsson Remix)

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A real special opportunity here for Criminal Hype to showcase more Welsh talent! Previous feature countrymen include The Organ Grinder and Haematoma. This time Skapes & Ke-An fill the roll! After following Skapes through other electronic genres it's a real pleasure for us to be working with him and added with Ke-An's influence this release really is a treat! 2 original cuts in the shape of a title track and 'Memories', both slamming great emphasis on that heavy chugging tech house sound we have continually delivered. The title track possesses a bit more of a break down and slap you in the face element while memories is a bit more of a roller! A real top draw remix package on this in the shape of A Lister and Jhonsson! A Lister fresh off the back of is massively successful 'Time' that featured on The Hype Vol. 2 and he really is hitting all shapes of form! Puts that driving twist on the title track to give it a perfect new dimension. Also very very excited to have Jhonsson grace the label! We've been lapping up everything he has touched lately and this remix is our favorite of his!! Buy Link

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