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Tree Pruning Basics

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My name is Connie Kratzke, and I work for Kahnke Brothers Tree Farm in Plato, MN. During the nine years that I have worked for this company, I have become Certified as a Professional by the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association and a Landscape Specialist by the Minnesota Department of Transportation. This video shows viewers how to identify water sprouts, suckers, inward growers and crossing branches. These troublesome limbs are removed at their "branch collars". Branch collars were originally identified by Dr. Alex Shigo as containing special cells that are responsible for rapid healing. When arborists cut outside of these areas, the pruning wounds heal quickly; preventing insects and diseases from getting in. This video does not cover formative pruning or restorative pruning. My intention is to show home gardeners the basics of tree-friendly pruning. Below are some helpful links:

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