AJ Lee Makeup and Outfit

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A.J Lee makeup and outfit. The outfit and where I got it all from (including the shoes) Is listed below. ~Open for more~ •AJ Lee 'Love Bites' Tshirt- (woman's small) •Light Blue denim short- Target •White eyelet belt- Target •Knee high vlack socks with whit stripes- Target. •Knee high covnerse- (BUT THEY DONT SELL THEM ANYMORE!) •If you recreate this or any of the looks I do send it to me on any social media with the hashtag #MeganLouiseYT so I can find it and like it :) LINKS: •Twitter: ( ) ----------- MUSIC: • Let's Light It Up By Jim Johnston and Kari Kimmel ***I don't own any of this music used in the video; all right go to WWE, Jim Johnston and Kari Kimmel*** ----------- For Business or Partnerships (ONLY) feel free to email me at ZombieMegz13@, and put 'ZombieMegz13' in the Subject line. Thank you! ----------- SUBSCRIBE HERE: • https://

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