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justin bieber love story Episode 12

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TO THE STORY: Justin: so how was that? Kayley: I loved the surfing Justin: me too I loved the way you would come straight to me when you fell off (laughs) kayley: I didnt want to get hurt babe Justin: we dont want that now do we? Kayley: no other wise u wouldnt get this (makes out with him) Justin: (makes out aswell) u know I like this kayley: (stops) im gunna go over to the showers to wash this salt water out of my hair Justin: ok baby kayley: (grabs towel) byee (leaves) justins POV: I sat there and then I saw her clothes that she left here I picked them up knowing she will have to come back for them. So I sat there for about five minutes and then I saw her coming with the towel round her. I smirked. And shouted "U FORGOT THESE??" and then I showed her clothes and just when she was about to grab them I pulled them way so she didnt get them. END OF POV kayley: Justin give them back plz Justin: why should I do that (runs away) kayley: (goes after him) come back and give them babe plz!! Justin: (stops and turns to face her) ur right I should give them back baby kayley: yeahh u should Justin: but im having to much fun!! kayley: (spots his abs and stares at them for afew seconds and then snaps out of it) come on justyboo give them back plz (puppy face) Justin: ok baileyboo (gives her clothes back) **they both walked back and kayley put her clothes back on and while kayley does that Justin walks to the car then when kayleys done she meets him there** kayley: (looks at justins abs) Justin: you like?? kayley: (snaps out of it) ohh sorry Justin: its fine we should head back now kayley: ok abs I mean Justin Justin: really?? (laughs and turns on the engine and starts driving) kayley: (sees paparazzi and ducks) Justin 3 oclock Justin: (stops at a red light and looks and sees paparazzi too) ohh no pg (paparazzi guy): HEY LOOK ITS Justin !!!!! Justin: (car gets crowded) go away!!! pg: ahhh AND WHOS THIS??? LOOKS LIKE A GIRLFRIEND TO ME!!! Justin ARE YOU DATING?? Justin: (red light turns green and puts his foot on the gas and zooms off) kayley they gone now kayley: (sits up staright) feww im leaving in a couple of minutes and they mob us now? **justin and kayley get back to the tour buses and scooters there waiting for them** Justin: (gets out the car) hey scooter scooter: good just on time kayley: (getting out of the car) and y would I be late to see my favourite manager?? scooter: really? Kayley: yeppers Justin: aww thats so cute!! kayley: wats cute Justin? Justin: the way u sed yeppers kayley: thnx babe (peaks him on the lips) I guess its time to go then?? scooter: yes it is let me go get some stuff first Justin: me and kayley will be in her bus scooter: ok (leaves) kayley: (walks in the tour bus and Justin follows) so babe im gunna miss u Justin: its ok baby justin's POV: I told kayley it was gunna be ok then she peaks me on the lips. Me: thats not a kiss is it?? kayley: not to u its not I leaned in and kissed her and she kissed back. It was starting to get hot in the tour bus so I though that I will mess with kayley and I pulled away and spoke. what do u think justins gunna do???

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