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108AT144 CB Radio Abuse on 27.555 MHz USB this morning 9.30 am

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108 AT 144 making death threats on 27.555 MHz USB this morning 9.30 am. - Please read the full video description. His Amateur radio call sign is MM3SNB - Very bad station and an illegal pirate. Thursday 7th April 2011. This guy, George 108 AT 144 from Milton, Glasgow also known as Podgy is always fighting on the international calling frequency, always making threats to have people stabbed or slashed or killed on 27.555 Mhz USB mode. Even threats to have their kids slashed with a knife. He wants the frequency for himself and his two friends in the whole world, he doesn't like anyone else talking on it in the Glasgow area. Listen what happens when another guy named Monty has a call out for a DX contact. He states he is going to set the guys' 3-legged dog on fire and pour acid on the guys' face. This guy George is always trying to belittle people and saying they have gypsy radios, Cobras, Lincoln's etc.. And of course he has the best radio, the best antenna, the best everything. He has the money, the best house, the best family, the best life... He even states that Ofcom and the Police are scared of him and can't touch him, YES it's clear he is on drugs (Marijuana) and deluded and even paranoid of everyone or he is scared of them and this shouting is to make him sound big. But the fact this is going on for many months, even years is very annoying. I have only recently returned to radio and discovered this fact, and have to listen to this everyday. He boasts about all the countries he talks to on 11 meters, 10 meters, 20 meters and 80 meters, but word is he isn't even a radio Amateur license holder. How is this allowed?. He is on the frequency morning till midnight. He never leaves the house. And is only there starting fights with people. I would kindly ask all radio operators worldwide to stop praising his abuse of the Free-band and stop talking with him. He is giving Scotland a bad name. This deluded little man is using three antennas, 1 kW linear Amp and a Yaesu FT-5000 HF/50Mhz 200 watt Transceiver on various bands and all without a license of any kind and is stopping local operators using the calling frequency morning, noon and night. He makes threats to people and shouts verbal abuse to foreign stations and all this while he has his 3 month baby son on his knee! That's right, he is teaching his baby son very bad words. The kids first words won't be daddy. There is also claims from a Ricky in Wishaw that George's girlfriend or wife is very young and considering he is almost 50 years old, it's a bit disgusting if true. See my other video for that information, titled 108AT144 Abuses Ricky from Wishaw and listen to what Ricky has to say when George abuses him. He is NOT the voice of Scotland, as he claims, rather he is mentally ill and very paranoid normal people don't do this stuff. He is always boasting how better he is than every one and how rich he is, yet he doesn't go to work, ever. Work it out by yourself. Does he go to the toilet and shit some £20 pound notes out of his arse like a cash machine to pay his bills and buy expensive radios?. Look for more of his abuse radio on YouTube. Use the keyword 108AT144. And kids please take this as an example of what taking drugs on a daily basis does to your character. It loses you friends and gets you disliked. Marijuana has been proven to be useful in medicine for treating pain and depression for people who really require it on a genuine medical purpose, but it also has a bad side effect like all drugs that are abused for cheap thrills, and that side-effect is extreme paranoia and personality swings. It turns many good people into monsters. Just like Alcohol abuse and worse, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde syndrome. I am glad it's still a controlled drug in the UK. I wish Alcohol was too. If you have read all my video description and like the video for it's News factor and for showing how drugs turns people bad or you like it for another reason. Please rate it a thumbs up. Thank you.

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