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Dont Call Me Da Da - Sir Mix A Lot (lyrics)

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(mmm) Met a young girl named Angel She had a big long weave I'd love to mangle So I'm puttin in work, lovin tight skirts So you know a mack poppa gotta flirt (woo!) Room triple deuced me and baby got loose Look at baby wiggle that big caboose Got a little tiny waist, everything's in place I'm pacin, facin the situation It's on, put it on tape, troop Got a little sex now I'm sittin on a lawsuit Nine months later, little baby pops out Blonde hair, blue eyes, with her feets in her mouth Well that can't be me (nope) 'Cause I'm a nappy haired black man, dressed like a O.G. Angel's gold diggin, this girl's driven Tryin to catch Mix on slippin Just because I get paid don't mean I get played For the bank I've made And after the blood test I got proof Your baby is cute ... but don't call me Da Da! Don't call me Da Da! The next story, met a young skirt, said her name was Laurie Smoked much dank, but her life was boring Got with Mix, now she adores me Nasty nigga named Mix (yep) On a tour bus with the porno flicks (mm) Anxious 'cause I wanna knock boots And I don't sleep with the girls in my group So Mack Daddy is strollin and patrollin Big fat bank I'm holdin Bus pulls up to the mini mart And that's where Laurie works and my game starts Laurie knows nothin bout rap though And that peeled my superstar cap, so I'll just go back to the basics And even that game is stiff, baby, face it So now Laurie and me is headed to the ?monkey dope? Straight gettin to the ?monkey poke? Dip dip dip, one two three *she moans* 'Cause I'm a vet'ran, see I kissed her cheek while Laurie was asleep Let one more groupie use me (mm) One year later she's tryin to creep ON MY MONEY But I ain't the one to get played the sap (uh-uh) When I hit the sack, big Richard is capped Your man's a punk for leavin kids with you The baby's cute, but don't call me Da Da! Don't call me Da Da! I'm sittin, in Long Beach Cali, eatin Popeyes' chicken Thinkin bout the next snake charmer I'm hittin Met a fly skirt, nickname was Kitten And I start spittin, WhassUP with the brother in the passenger seat? Homeboy bailed 'cause his game was weak And he was callin her bitch, I was callin her baby He got the finger, I got the lady Me and Kitten left the place quickened (yep) Busta, you and cousin Kitten need a stickin TO THE 'TEL, TO THE 'TEL, TO THE 'TEL WE RUSH (gasp) The jimmy-hat bust I start sweatin, conscience bettin That I'ma have to deal with bed wettin But I'ma handle this thing like a man Settle down and bring the kid up, that's the plan Three weeks later I get this call though Kitten sounds happy on the telephone She said "Go on and live your life, bro, 'Cause EPT said no," so don't call me Da Da! Don't call me Da Da! Don't call me Da Da! Da da! Don't call me Da Da! I ain't yo daddy, baby! Da Da! Don't call me Da Da!

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