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Scary Stories Haunted House

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WARNING! This Halloween scary story is actually a bit scary, so if you love Shopkins, but don't like scary stories, this might not be the video for you. It's time for the October meeting of the Midnight Society. The Midnight Society is a group of Shopkins dedicated to telling the scariest stories they can possibly imagine. This group of rare and ultra rare Shopkins know that it's the story teller that makes the story, and they're hoping to make your Halloween as scary as they possibly can. Its storytime! Tonight's story at the Midnight Society: the Haunted Shopkins Shoppie Happy Home. Scary stories for kids don't get much scarier than the Haunted Happy Home. This scary children's story isn't just any scary story, it's a ghost story! Ghost stories are some of the scariest Halloween stories out there, and I hope you're really going to like this one! This ghost story for kids is told with the lil' Shoppies Shopkins Shoppies from the Happy Home and Happy Places collections. I think toys are a great way to tell stories! It's like watching the Shopkins cartoon, but instead of a cartoon, there are some of your favourite toys as the characters! Popette had moved into her new Happy Home, and she was very happy to be living there. Her new roommate, Coco Cookie, seemed really nice, and there was even an amazing clawfoot bathtub in the Bathing Bunny Bathroom! One night, Popette was relaxing in the bath, when she heard some creepy music from downstairs. She thought aloud, "That must be Coco Cookie! I wonder if she's listening to music and baking again!" But the music suddenly stopped. Popette paused, confused, and the music started to play again. The music turned on, and then off. On and then off. Popette decided to go downstairs to investigate. "Is something wrong with the stereo?" Popette asked. "It wasn't working, so I took it to a friend to see if they could fix it," Coco Cookie replied, "I'm sorry - were you hoping to listen to some music in the bath?" "You mean it's not here?" asked Popette. "No, sorry - why do you ask?" Coco Cookie said. Popette was confused. She couldn't understand where the music had come from. The next morning in the kitchen, Popette felt uneasy. She couldn't remember her dreams from the night before, but she knew they had been terrifying. She turned in her chair as she thought, and when she turned back, suddenly all the cupboards were open and her tea was spilled across the table. She jumped to her feet. "What? What happened?" She cried. Coco Cookie walked into the room. "What the matter?" she asked. "I don't understand," Popette stammered, "I turned around for just a second, and when I turned back, everything was different." "You must have just opened up the cabinet and then forgot," Coco Cookie offered. Popette was sure she hadn't. "Well they didn't just open by themselves, did they?" Coco Cookie reasoned. "You don't ... believe in ghosts, do you?" Popette asked. "I think that's just something people like to talk about to scare each other" Coco Cookie replied. "You're probably right," Popette whispered. Over the next few days, more and more strange things happened to Popette. She would leave a room for a moment, and the lights would mysteriously switch off. She would put down a book, only to have it disappear! She would search everywhere, and it would eventually reappear exactly where she had left it. She always wished one of these things would happen when Coco Cookie was there to see it, but they never did. "I think I must be going crazy!" Popette worried. She decided to ring a friend. Make sure to watch the rest of the episode to find out what happens next!! See more Kawaii Kunicorn videos by clicking on the links below Kawaii Kunicorn Story Videos With Toys https://goo.gl/Yi1DMy Fairy Tale Children’s Stories https://goo.gl/wgu4Nt Shoppies Shopkins Adventures In Real Life Vlogs https://goo.gl/gxct5m The Lil’ Shoppies Of Happyville https://goo.gl/Be6N49 Playmobil Story Videos https://goo.gl/q98Joh Playmobil Toys https://goo.gl/JsKbjp Halloween DIY Kids Crafts & Recipes https://goo.gl/rL0ZRb Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to KAWAII KUNICORN for more videos! EVERY 👉 MONDAY | WEDNESDAY | FRIDAY | SATURDAY | SUNDAY () Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License () Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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