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She's a Fan of MGTOW

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She's a Fan of MGTOW MGTOW Mystery Links: https://"Hi Sandman, I have many topics, I guess one could be what is your opinion on a women who are in the MGTOW community that don't really criticize MGTOW but they defend it. When I made my first video on Roseblades on MGTOW I will admit I was not impressed but after I listened to these MGTOW men who told me to give it another shot I realize the stereotype I was fed was a lie. Now some of these guys on Monkey Business might not feel the same way but I see them as my friends and you know what is sad? MGTOW men have cared more for me than other groups I been in, like skeptics who didn't like the fact I was friends with MGTOW men and even used me to attack a MGTOW creator on YouTube. It was quite funny that they just kept on doing it so I took the name DDJ's Pocket Thot because once you own a insult they can no longer hurt you, It loses it original value. I guess another topic could be that I find it quite pathetic when women take what MGTOW men/creators say as personal attacks and that's what I have noticed. I can understand to a certain degree but once you listen to the whole context it doesn't sound like these men are branding all women of this and I find it quite sad that these women feel so threatened by what these men are saying. The same pretty much applies when it comes to lover bots. To me it's just a toy and I really can not understand why women feel so threatened by something that really does nothing. I also think it is no one's business what they own as long as it is not hurting anyone. Sorry if I messed up on grammar lol I have dyslexia. So I gave you some things to talk about so have fun. I have many more but I don't want to flood your inbox." Well Rose Blades thanks for the donation and topic. So you're a fan of MGTOW because there are plenty of guys down in the comments section that are nice to you. I hope you realise that they are nice because they are probably still secretly looking for a Nawalt or traditional woman in their life and they are in the bargaining phase. Or perhaps they aren't going their own way at all and are TFLers or true forced loneliness. It's hard to tell who listens to me. From my experience women that defend MGTOW quite often have alterier motives. Perhaps they recognise that more and more good quality men are going their own way and a woman could have her pick of tons of great guys in a place where there are little to no women. Some women keep coming back and posting on message forums and under videos even though they are made to feel uncomfortable. Under my videos I do occasionally ban people that are abusive to me or others. That only happens about point zero zero one percent of the time. My thinking Rose is that this video might be somewhat of an advertisement for yourself. People see you on here all the time and now they will see with you more and interact with you even more giving you both positive and negative attention. As a woman I'm sure that you enjoy that attention. It makes you all warm and fuzzy and I'm sure you enjoy the fact that at least ten thousand men are going to hear your story. 10 images licensed and paid for through . All image licenses are available upon request.

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