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TRT World - World in Two Minutes, 2015, September 25, 15:00 GMT

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Hajj Stampede Aftermath Iran’s Supreme National Security Council has urged Saudi Arabia to take responsibility for the stampede near Mecca. At least 717 pilgrims died and 863 people were injured. Saudi’s interior minister has said some pilgrims weren’t following instructions and may have caused the stampede. Meanwhile, King Salman has ordered a safety review and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef has ordered an investigation into the accident. Fence ‘Nearly Complete’ Hungary has announced that the fence it’s building along its border with Croatia is nearly finished. A government spokesman insists Hungary isn’t closing its borders, but rather protecting the European Union’s. But the interior minister of Croatia says that ‘no wall or wire’ could stop people from coming. Earlier this month, Budapest built a razor wire fence at its southern border with Serbia. And since then, more than 59 thousand refugees have crossed into Croatia. Xi in Washington Chinese President Xi Jinping is in Washington DC on his first state visit to the US. Xi has promised to work with Washington to fight against cybercrime. The US blames Chinese hackers for a series of cyber attacks. Beijing denies involvement and has suggested the two countries could come up with a basic deal to fight the crime. Meanwhile, Xi’s expected to announce a so-called ‘cap-and-trade’ programme to limit China’s carbon emissions. Together, China and the US are responsible for about 45 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. Picasso Painting Returns Home A Picasso painting that was stolen more than a decade ago has been returned to Paris. A US Customs Agent discovered the painting in New Jersey last year. It had been hidden in a courier package and labelled as a holiday present worth 37 dollars. The Cubist painting, called ‘The Hairdresser,’ is worth 15 million dollars. Authorities are still investigating the incident. Facebook: https://

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