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Shawty (A Justin Bieber Love Story) Episode 3

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*After 5th period* Mandy-*goes up to justin* hey.. Justin- why'd u run off like that at lunch!? Mandy- well uh...i... i didnt want to be late for 5th period we had a test and i wanted a few minutes to study. Justin- oh sure...well wheres Taylor? Taylor- right here. *pops out of no where* Mandy- uh i gotta go... Justin- well do u two want to come over to my house later im having a movie night with Ryan Chaz and Christian. Mandy- i cant. Justin- why? Mandy- i promised 2 of my other friends i'd go to their house. sorry. Justin- well they can come too... i just really want you there Mandy- oh well...i'll ask them. Justin- iight. bye catch u two later. *hugs taylor* bye tay. Taylor- bye biebs. Justin *laughs and hugs taylor but gives her a kiss on the cheek and hands her something* bye shawty... *walks away* Taylor- OMG! he totally digs you! Mandy- Nah-Uh!! Taylor- yeah-uh! Mandy- *opens the peice of paper he gave her* It says: call me later, shawty;) (336)2948376 (a/n: FAKE NUMBER!) Taylor- shawty...shawty...shawty... Mandy- shut up! Taylor- Shawty...shawty...shawty Mandy- u r so annoying! Mandy+Taylor-*laugh* Taylor- u know u like the name "shawty" Mandy-soo...what if i do!? *later at justins house* Taylor,Mandy,Jasmine,Sammie-*knock on his door* Justin- *opens the door* hey guys! i thought u wherent gonna come! Taylor- Mandy couldnt resist. Mandy- don't listen to her i think shes on crack. Justin- oh ok *laughs* Outfits: Mandy__ ((:

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