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Mr Vegas Give it to Her

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From the album Bruk It Dun 2.0 No sah! This yah one yah gone Hey Mr Vegas, this yah one yah fi the gal dem bruk out All girls roll out, the gal dem weh know dem look good, dash out pon the one yah.... (All girls, je t'aime) First verse Mi just come in fresh from London So mi guh dance over Islinton mi si woman a bruk out so mi must get one, one. Watch the one deh a jiggle har bam bam And a tell mi say shi ready fi the action Bout shi wah come climb up pon mi mike stand (Put har pon di mixing board) Give it to har one time (ugh) Give it to har two times (ugh, ugh) Mek shi whine har waist, broad out gal and mash up the place. Give it to har one time (ugh) Give it to har two times (ugh, ugh) Gal mek up yuh face, set good now mek mi deal wid yuh case Cho Yuh come in a mi yard a gwane like yuh bad Gal mi wi mek yuh haffi beg and bawl fi yuh madda gal, send mi a badda gal. Debbie say shi nuh want mi fi stop That's why mi haffi insure mi back Bag a chat shi Nuh frighten fi that, shi say, lift mi up and don't mek mi drop. Shi nuh mawga, shi nuh too fat Yuh si the sumn deh, gi mi some a dat. Coulda even pon the roof top or inna the kitchen when the pot dem hot. My girls dem pretty like flower Stacey Ann want it every hour so mi haffi drink up some power punch Then wi guh inna the shower Mek shi scream out like Donna Summer Yuh want music me a di drummer Yuh want more pipe me a di Plummer, mi never know yuh a runner , come yah. Cho Di girls dem crazy fi this Inna di dance a pure madness Watch how the girl dem a practice Dem a rehearse, dem nuh wah miss The girl Pecos cah resist Him love how dem a turn and a twist Him guh beg Latty J fi a kiss, shi say, wait till later, everything criss. Cho

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