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Christian Lie: "YOU CAN'T KNOW MY HEART"

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The true message of repentance can be extremely offensive. It tends to offend people even more who call themselves Christians or pastors who know the Bible, the kinds of people who have gone to seminary or college to get a Bible degree, who know a lot of verses. These people seem to be the MOST offended. It seems the reason why is because they think that they already HAVE repented and they should be telling YOU to repent, not the other way around. It has a LOT to do with pride. Whether you are a Christian sinner, a homosexual sinner, an atheist sinner, or any OTHER kind of sinner, JESUS CHRIST IS CALLING ALL MEN AND WOMEN TO REPENT AND TO BE BORN AGAIN! It doesn’t matter if you are a CHRISTIAN SINNER, you ALSO have to repent. But sadly the message of repentance is rejected, and mostly it is rejected by others who call themselves brothers and sisters in Christ. They are too prideful and arrogant to receive the message. They will say things like; “You can’t judge me, you can’t know my heart, you’re not GOD, only GOD knows my intentions…” And they start to get belligerent. But the thing is, Jesus DOES know your heart, and SO do those people who have received His Holy Spirit, BECAUSE THE LIVING GOD IS IN THEM. Jesus said that you will KNOW false prophets by their fruit, and if someone is a false prophet, if they are a false Christian, if they are a FAKE Christian who has NOT really repented, Jesus WILL tell you, YOU WILL KNOW. Because you will KNOW them by THEIR FRUIT as Jesus said. If you KNOW that their fruit is wicked, you can know that their heart is ALSO wicked heart. I hope that your heart is right with Jesus and that you KNOW that HE is your judge. And I hope that you are convicted of sin, righteousness and judgment because the judgment of GOD is coming upon those who are wicked. May the grace of Jesus be with you.

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