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AC/DC - Highway to Hell (Official Video)

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Highway To Hell: Buy/Listen - https://lnk.to/ACDChth!ythth About the album: Highway to Hell is AC/DC's fifth internationally released studio album and the sixth to be released in Australia. The album became AC/DC's first LP to break the US Top 100 and is the group's second highest selling album behind Back in Black. Follow AC/DC: Spotify - https://lnk.to/ACDChthSI!hth Facebook - https://lnk.to/ACDChthFI!ythth Twitter - https://lnk.to/ACDChthTI!ythth Instagram - https://lnk.to/ACDChthII!ythth Website - https://lnk.to/ACDChthWI!ythth YouTube - https://lnk.to/ACDChthYI!ythth #ACDC #HighwayToHell #vevo #rockandroll #vevoofficial

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