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TRT World - World in Two Minutes, 2015, August 6, 15:00 GMT

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PKK ASKS US FOR HELP A leader of PKK’s umbrella organisation KCK Zubeyir Aydar has asked the US to help in ‘de-escalation’ with Turkey. Aydar says the PKK would like to return to Peace Process negotiations. This July, the PKK announced it had ended its ceasefire with the Turkish government that had begun in 2013. Since July 11th, PKK militants and members of its youth wing have killed at least 22 security officers and five civilians. The Turkish military has been launching air strikes on several ISIS and PKK positions in Syria and northern Iraq since the end of July. The co-leader Turkey’s HDP, Selahattin Demirtas is set to meet with Aydar in Brussels. SUICIDE ATTACK AT MOSQUE Saudi State media reports that a suicide bomber has killed members of the country’s Special Emergency Force at a mosque in the province of Asir. They say 17 people were killed in the attack. IMF UNDECIDED ON GREEK BAILOUT The representative for Sweden of the International Monetary Fund said the fund would decide whether it is to participate in Greece’s third bailout this fall. He called the public sector of Greece inefficient and its pension system expensive. He also noted that corruption in Greece is a big problem. The IMF was involved in Greece’s first two bailouts. The country is currently in talks for a third bailout worth 94 point 5 billion dollars. FIVE SENTENCED in PETROBRAS SCANDAL A judge has imprisoned five employees of the Brazilian construction company OAS for corruption. They were implicated in a scandal at state-owned oil company Petrobras. Two former OAS presidents were sentenced to 16 years each. They were convicted of money laundering, bribery, and conspiracy to commit crime. Several politicians have also been arrested in connection to the scandal. Facebook: https://

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