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I usually try and save spiders

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Hello. Welcome to the description section of my video. Where I ramble about nothing and none of this will enhance your viewing experience. I talk about spiders in this one. The little bros of nature everyone wants to kill. I wish they looked less horrible so there is less urge to kill them. Which is probably rude to say. I'm sorry, spiders. This video took forever to make. Like it's already been 2 months since my last video, and that one was only 2 minutes long. I feel like this one fell short a little too. Like there were a couple jokes that just didn't land the way I wanted them to. But I suppose that's part of the process. To get something to work the way you want you just gotta practice a lot. So I'm going to start making the next video right now. Well after I post this video. But yeah right away-ish. Thank you for watching 😎 Links: Twitter - https:///ICSandwichGuy Comics -

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