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Happy Bank Holiday Monday (in the UK) a day where people get a day off from their jobs which they hate. The sun is out, it's a beautiful day and I DON'T GET IT! My inbox is flooded daily with musicians telling me they just don't have time due to college and jobs etc which I understand and it's hard to juggle everything... HOWEVER today is a free day, a free swing and a chance for you to really take a big step towards that goal you want. Free time gifted to you, so it annoys me when my facebook and snapchat stories are flooded with people wasting the opportunity. If you want this career as much as you keep telling me today is a test for you to prove to the world that you really do want it. And if you are happy with your job then this rant isn't for you. This is for anyone who hates their job and is desperate for that career they have been working towards and dreaming about. I'd love your thoughts and comments below on anything I can help with and you can find more of my content on all the usual socials! Facebook:

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