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Now the Host of #DRAMAALERT This is Killer KEEMSTAR's debut Youtube video! He was captured by me, trashtalking in Halo 3 with some of the funniest one liners I have ever heard. He became an instant online celebrity after this video was released. He was soon after recruited By myself, Robot, and 2Bucks to Join us in making countless, and successful online gaming videos. You are witnessing not only the birth of KEEMSTAR in this video, but the Birth of THE F@G aka "The Federation of Asshole Gamers", who were one of Youtube's first partnered gaming content creators mostly due to the hard work of one Daniel Keem. Keemstar went on to become the director of multiple successful Youtube channels, many of which reached 100,000 subscribers, only to be taken down by countless haters. Keemstar persevered in an endless effort to bring YOU the best in gaming entertainment. Daniel Keem is still one of Youtube's fastest growing stars, sporting over 1,000,000 subscribers as the Host of #DramaAlert, and a good friend of mine. All thanks to this one video captured on a random Saturday night, and randomly match up with me. SUBSCRIBE!

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