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Sada Sohna Pakistan - Jassi Lailpuria

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Song: Pakistan Rangers are part of the paramilitary force command, and consists of members of the Pakistan Army under the direct control of the Ministry of the Interior of the Pakistan Government. The prime objectives of Rangers is to provide and maintain security in hot conflict and war zone areas. In 1995, the Pakistan Rangers divided into two parts; Pakistan Rangers Punjab headquartered in Lahore, Punjab, and Pakistan Rangers Sindh (formerly the Mehran Force) headquartered in Karachi, Sindh. The two divisions have different uniforms and chains of command but work under same ordinance such as The Pakistan Rangers Ordinance 1959. Each evening the Pakistan Rangers together with their counterparts in the Indian Border Security Force participates in a flag lowering ceremony at Wagah. History: The origins and roots of Rangers dates back to 1942, when British Government established a special unit as Sindh Police Rangers. After the establishment of Pakistan in 1947, the protection of its eastern boundaries was allotted to particular regions, such as the Punjab Border Police Force, Bahawalpur State Police, Khairpur State Police and Sindh Rifles. Because the Rangers were neither correctly structured nor outfitted for a specific duty, in 1958, they were restructured and renamed as the West Pakistan Rangers.

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