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5 Dirty SECRETS Melania Trump Doesn't Want You To Know!

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5 Dirty SECRETS Melania Trump Doesn't Want You To Know! Description: I know, we are entitled to our privacy…but that pretty much goes out of the window when you are married to the elected leader of the free world. If the history of American first ladies is anything to go by, Melania’s past is certainly quite different, aside from her being the first foreign-born and the first European One for that matter! Melania has been caught on several occasions hiding information about her past and herself. With this being said, prepare to be amazed by these 5 Dirty SECRETS Melania Trump Doesn't Want You To Know! Lets begin! 1. Her Native Country Resents Her Some people think that Melania thinks herself too good for Slovenia. Rumors abound that she refuses to speak her native language Slovenia. I don’t know where they got that one from, especially because Barron, her son, is quite fluent in the language. He can even communicate with his grandparents for crying out loud! The reason for the suspicion may arise from the fact that her big shot husband only visited the country once…long enough to have dinner! Melania did love her childhood, but her critics feel that she feels like the place she grew up in represents a time from her past that doesn’t matter anymore. 2. She Sold Her Soul If you knew the young Melania back then, she was never a party animal or anything close to it. She was straight-laced, never drank and never smoked. She preferred being home early and kept to herself a few close friends. If you are working in the modeling industry, you know how cut-throat it can get. It was not different for Melania. Melania succumbed and she sought out casting roles for advertisements that she herself was strongly opposed to and her underage competitors would immediately decline. 3. Her Illegitimate Half-Brother When Melania was told about her half-brother, Denis Cigelnik, she said she did not know him. After being sent documents from the Slovenian court, she backtracked and claimed that she had not understood what was being said due to a language barrier saying that she had known Denis for years. Language barrier? Really? English or Slovenia? Denis is your ordinary guy: He is half a century, lives in a small Slovenian town and works at a grocery store. The guy just wants to know his family and not their money... 4. She Married Her Father The saying ‘Girls marry their fathers’ is quite literal for Melania. Melania is 46 years old. Donald is 70: just five years younger than his father-in-law Viktor. Donald’s first son is eight years Melania’s senior. Both Viktor and Donald are tall, plump and have the same hair color. They both appreciate the finer things of life and business runs in their veins. Ask Viktor’s friend and neighbor Tomas Jeraj. Are we forgetting their adulterous tendencies!? One of Melania’s old friends wraps it up in a much better way; ”It’s all about that power and protection. I think she needed a strong man, a father-figure”. Yikes!! 5. Surgical Enhancement If you believed that your first lady was all natural…I hate to break it to you but she has had her body cut up to enhance her appearance. Given her career, I would understand. I know she says she is against Botox and Injections but you will have to consider this. A photographer and one of Melania’s former roommates in her 20’s, Matthew Atanian says she’s lying. He says there was a time she took a two-week vacation only to come back and look more buxom. Melania admitted to him that she required it to get more lingerie modeling jobs. Madam First Lady, I don’t think you can get more ‘buxom’ in two weeks without the help of a surgeon and some silicone! Background Music: Kevin MacLeod ~ Dark Dance : https://

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