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TRT World - World in Two Minutes, 2015, August 20, 09:00 GMT

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Car Bomb Targets Police The ministry of interior says a car bomb has exploded in front of a police building in Cairo. At least six policemen were wounded but no one was killed. On Monday, President Abdel Fattah el Sisi passed a so-called ‘anti-terrorism’ law that gives more powers to police. In recent weeks, an affiliate of ISIS known as Sinai Province has targeted Egyptian security forces. Police Attacked The interior ministry reports that two men attacked three police officers in the resort town of Sousse. One officer was shot dead. In June, ISIS claimed responsibility for an attack by a lone gunman who killed 38 people in the same town. And in March, the Bardo museum in capital Tunis was also targeted. According to Tunisian officials, the gunmen in both those attacks were trained at militant camps in Libya. They say over 3 thousand Tunisians have joined ISIS in Iraq, Syria and Libya. The violence has badly damaged the tourism sector. Calais Control Centre British and French officials have decided to create a “command and control centre" in Calais. They plan to use the centre to target people who smuggle migrants from France into the UK through the Eurotunnel. Earlier this week, the company that operates the tunnel reported that the number of asylum seekers trying to reach the UK nightly had gone down to about 150. It says that’s because of extra security. Sandwich Spokesman Pleads Guilty The former frontman for the Subway restaurant chain, Jared Fogle, has agreed to plead guilty to sex crime charges involving girls. He’s acknowledged possessing child pornography and hiring minors as young as 16 years old for sex. Fogle faces between five and twelve and a half years in prison. Under the agreement with prosecutors, he’s required to pay 1.4 million dollars to the 14 underage victims. Fogle was Subway’s pitchman for 15 years. The company hired him after he lost 90 kilogrammes eating its food. While Fogle represented the company, Subway tripled its locations and became the world’s largest restaurant chain. Facebook: https://

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