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The Most Extreme Fails of Celebrity Plastic Surgery

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Insane transformations of celebrities who went under the knife way too many times. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: For celebrities, their fame is not only based on their talent, but unfortunately, also their image. This relationship has created an obsession with plastic surgery that for some has gone too far. Many celebrities have dabbled in alterations, and when your face and body are always the center of attention, who are we to judge. But while some are able to cut it off before it goes to far, others don’t know when to stop and their faces have become completely unrecognizable. It’s really quite sad when you think about it. Many celebrities are gorgeous to start off with, and the fact that they think they have to alter their natural features is a shame. The pressures put on them to always look good and youthful have created a negative headspace that forces them to think lesser of their natural appearance. Face-lifts, nose jobs, breast implants and eyelid lifts are just some of the surgeries celebrities take on to make themselves look better. Unfortunately much of the time, it makes them look much worse. From Heidi Montag who underwent ten plastic surgeries in one day to Jocelyn Wildenstein who has reportedly spent over $4 million on different procedures, in today’s video we look at 10 of the most extreme cases of celebrity plastic surgery. Cringe. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://

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