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Love doesn't choose (Raura) Episode 34

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-With Carlos, James, Aidan and Jake- Jake: *phone rings* Rocky is calling they shouldn't have arrived yet. *answers* Sup?....WHAT?....Where?....Ok, we'll be right there. *ends call* Carlos: What's wrong? What do you mean we'll be right there? Jake: Ross, Rydel, Riker and their dad got in a car accident. Carlos, James and Aidan: WHAT? James: How did that happen? Jake: I don't know. Aidan: We need to call the girls. I'll call my sister Carly. Jake: I'll call Roberta. Carlos: Then I'll call Ariana, she said she would go to Laura. -With Ariana and Laura- Ariana: *phone rings* Hang on Carlos calling. *answers* Hello...Yes I'm still with Laura...How did that happened?...Where are they?...Hm, we'll meet you there. *hangs up* Sooo Laura: Sooo what? Ariana: Remember how you said that you hope that Ross dies on his way to Colorado? Laura: Still hoping. Ariana: Well he got in a car accident. Laura: WHAT? *teary eyes* Ariana: *tries to smile* Look at the bright side. You almost got your wish. Laura: How is that good? Can you be any more stupid? Ariana: Well I'm not the one that wished him to die or the that is mad for something that is not even his choice. What did you want him to do? Leave his family for you? That's the most selfish thing ever. Laura: I know that I did wrong no need for that. Ariana: No need? You just thought about yourself and your precious feelings and didn't care how Ross was feeling. Laura: *crying* I already feel guilty enough. Ariana: Let's just go to the hospital. -They arrive (everybody is there)- Ariana: How are they? Stormie: Riker already woke up and has a broken leg. The doctors are doing some exams we haven't talked to him yet. Rydel is still sleeping along with Mark and Ross. She doesn't have anything except for a few scratches, Mark has a broken arm and Ross has a broken leg. Laura: Why did they crash? Rocky: We don't know yet. We were going to ask Riker when doctors made us wait here. Doctor: You can go in now, you will just have to wait for the results. Stormie: Thank you. *Ratliff, Rocky, Ryland and Stormie go in* (a/n: By the way Riker and Mark are in the same room, Ross has one and Rydel another) Stormie: *hugs Riker* Thank God you're ok Riker: Ok mom *chuckles* Calm down, I'm pretty much alive Rocky: Bro what happened? Riker: Well me and Ross started arguing and Rydel tried to stop us but she got inside the argument and then dad turned to stop us and we crashed. Ryland: Can you guys stay a moment without arguing? Stormie: What did you guys argue about? Riker: Laura. Ross is mad that Laura isn't talking to him and blamed dad for it. Ratliff: She is outside I wonder how you're going to say that to her. She will feel extremely guilty now. Riker: In a way she should, she acted a little childish. Laura: *comes in* Rydel is awake. *smiles* Stormie: Great I'm going to see her. *walks away* Ratliff: *gives Riker 'the look'* Riker: *mouths: She doesn't need to know* Laura: How did you guys crash? Riker: Well um it's a funny story actually. Rocky: They were arguing about you. Ratliif: Rocky Rocky: What? We can't just pretend everything is fine when it isn't. Ryland: I'm going to see Rydel and see if Ross is awake while you guys argue again. *walks away* Laura: I'm sorry I didn't mean anything to happen. Riker: I know you didn't but what you did- Laura: Selfish I know. Ratliff: He couldn't just leave his family like that. Carlos: *gets in the room* Ross is awake now. We went to see him, you guys can go now. *smiles* Laura: *looks at them* Can I go see Ross first? Rocky: *nods* Laura: *goes to Ross room* Hey Ross: Who are you? Laura: What? I'm Laura, please tell me you remember. Ross: *laughs* Of course I do, I just want to do that for so long. *smiles* Laura: *smiles* I'm sorry for all I did. Ross: It's ok Laura: No it's not. I acted like a complete idiot. Ross: I'm serious it's ok. I still love you so I don't really care. We're ok now. That's all that matters. Laura: Yeh *smiles* I love you too *kisses him*

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