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Wes Price/Jhaaron L'shae - Realities & Fantasies

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Lyrics to Wes Price's Parts: Verse 1: I used spend my days dreamin / of love and success Now I'm a caged demon wishin life would suck less I got some shit on my chest I wanna confess But I never let it out / I'm keepin bottled up stress I try to pour it out / instead drink it out the glass Nervous for the future and I dread to think about the past Spent the years to climb a mountain / now I'm fallin down it fast Now life is gone in a flash / I'm malcolm nash So much negativity / I swear sometimes I hate life All I wanted was a cosigning and a great wife Now I'm not performing / it's not because of stage fright Every woman that I chase writes me off date night Dont mean to be a martyr or pessimistic whiner Guess that Ima sit back and let depression dig to china Ask me if I quit rappin / yes / and the shit is final Promise I aint gay but I swear I'm finished with vagina I'm fuckin tired of it / I need a blunt of kush I was walkin close to the edge and got fuckin pushed Feelin like the country against me / a younger Bush Do or die / I chose die / and died with the fuckin swoosh I ended bad luck / but then I leveled up to curses That's when the record label said to level up the verses That's kinda funny cuz you signed a bunch of thuggish rappers I'm smart enough to know it was because I was a cracker Hook 1: I just wanna leave this world I dont wanna see these girls I wish they were a fantasy Because they ruined my reality Things are not the way they seem Cuz everytime chase these dreams They say it's just a fantasy I wanna make it my reality Verse 2: But it is hell to be / stuck inside a world that's full of homicide and jealousy A month before the date today I promised I'd be relishing And havent earned a dollar since I graduated Every hope I had inside / college has extrapolated Loaded up with homework / but yet to find a real job Every application gets rejected / it feels odd When I wasn't raised to be religious but I kneel to God Everyday I pray that he can end this / but I'm still alive I never will decide the suicide contemplation I'm in Obama's nation feelin like abomination Feelin like he bombed the nation even when Osama's vacant If I said I don't trust him / you'd think that I'm a racist I'm not republican / but I aint democratic neither I just know I haven't had a breather since I had a breather Maybe it's bush's fault / maybe it's the wrath of Jesus Maybe I should stop blaming them / and pack my bags and leave reality Hook 2: Reality / is it real or just a falacy Balancing a dream and a dollar with a salary Livin in a palace aint the only thing I'm dreamin of Other than the dream I need love They say it's just a fantasy Sometimes I think it's just a fantasy too But in my life I never plan to be you Because I strive to be a man to be me I guess I'll live to make the fantasy true Verse 3 (Jhaaron) *Hook 1* Verse 4: They say that love hurts / I say that love kills They say that hate kills / I say that I agree But they don't know the power of the love is hate times 3 If they fell out of the love / they might see The shit is easy till you're placed in predicaments And distance relationships that separate the ligaments That held the shit together / it starts to make a difference And feelings that you're missing them / they start to turn to temptedness You think you'll find another / that's why I banned Varija And left with Angelea / I never planned to see the Day she'd let another man put hickies on her neck and jeeze, I Never even planned to leave her till the man deceived her I felt abandoned and it forced me to face depression Well, that's until the day that Courtney made a confession She said she had affection / I took the shit to heart Guess I shoulda disregarded / I forgot that this was our reality *Hook 2* Verse 5: The people say that I should give it up / maybe they are never too wrong Would you remember me whenever I'm gone? Or would you let the memories be dead and move on? I just wanna lead this race But I don't wanna be a disgrace So I'm just gonna leave this place I'd rather die and live a fantasy than cry inside the planet of reality *Hook 2*

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