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Time Warner Cable / Spectrum Internet Wifi Scam 😠 (Brighthouse Networks Is Now Spectrum)

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Full explanation in the description. Okay so I decided that I was going to change my service from 300 Download & 20 Upload since that was a bit overkill for what I am currently doing. So I called Brighthouse aka Spectrum to see their new plans and offers. (1st Call) The sales rep told me about the 100D/10U plan which was perfect for what I wanted. But they told me my current modem was not coded to Brighthouse so I would need to change to a "Spectrum Modem which would cost $150. I explained I had a customer owned modem and I was going to switch to that to avoid the fee which the sales rep said was perfectly fine. (ATM) I didn't have the powercord for the modem so I had to call back later. (2nd Call) I talked to the sales rep and hooked up my modem. The rep asked why was I switching modems and I explained it was to avoid the ridiculous $150 fee, the rep told me the current "Brighthouse" modem I have would work on all Spectrum packages and the previous sales rep was incorrect. So we switched back the modem to the Brighthouse one that way I wouldn't have to drive and take the modem back. That's when the sales rep explained that I needed to pay for WiFi, I told her that's a joke and how utterly stupid that was and how stupid it is to pay for WiFi on a modem in 2017. So ultimately we had to hook up my SBG6580 modem again to avoid the monthly WiFi fee. (3rd call) I find out an hour or so later that my Wifi isn't working, I call tech support which tells me it's my modem that is the problem and they can't help me because it's a customer owned modem. They said once it's fixed to call back and try to connect it again and if the Wifi stops working then we know it's an issue on our end. (4th) Call That's where this video starts. I call back after fixing the modem and testing it to ensure it Wifi works before setting it up. We setup the modem and TADA! The modems Wifi is disabled. So we get an honest tech support which explains that its Spectrums / Timewarner cables Bootfile/codec which is causing this entire issue and to add the modem to the network that bootfile must be on my modem. He tries a workaround and tells me to call back in an hour if it doesn't work. (4th Call) An hour later, I'm worst off than before. I can't even log in to my modem and my connection is getting tunneled through something. So I call back Spectrum and get a lady who asks to put me on a "very brief hold" which lasts for 15 mins. Then tells me my modem isn't compatible with spectrum when on spectrums website it's clearly listed as compatible. I ask her to connect me to the Tech department and she tells me its closed which she could have done when I asked the first time at the very start of the conversation. (5th call) I call up tech support in the morning to get a level 3 tech which I have to explain the entire problem to all over again. He bullshits for about 20 mins saying it's impossible to disable my wifi etc and its no on their end even though the previous tech confirmed this. He then confirms that the SBG6580 Motorola modem is the preferred modem for Spectrum and the previous person was completely wrong. He explains how to fix TCP buffering and says my CAT5 aka ethernet cable might be defective. TCP buffering and a defective ethernet cable would have ZERO effect on wifi. In the end they write up a new "bootfile" which allows me to enable and disable my wifi. Problem solved? Of course not! Now every 12 hours or so my modem gets an update from spectrum which disables my wifi. I have to login, reset to factory defauts an redo my wireless network. Even if I use a backup file it will just disable my wifi all over again. In the end I have to bridge the connection to solve the problem since brighthouse/spectrum/time warner cable is just wanting to force people into paying their $5 monthly wifi fee. It's not the end of the world, but its a very terrible business tactic for adding on additional fees and trying to make it impossible to get around them by buying your own equipment.

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