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10210 ; season one episode one // "the drama closet"

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Comment over 70 for the next episode. Read. Read. Read. Alright, so I know I said I will post my vlogs of different characters but I got really bored of them and the audio I always pick gets muted so I dont see the point anymore. If you still want to see them then maybe I will post them on another site or something just tell me. So first episode, tell me what you think yeah its really confusing on the first few episodes but hopefully you will get use to them. Let me just say, do not judge anyone just by the first episode, trust me some of them have very dark sides. [grins] I havent gotten into the whole blogging side yet, which is the main concept of the series but I just thought I can introduce some characters. Anyone who doesnt like swearing, sex references, violent etcthen I dont think you should watch this series because its full of term. That is why I rated it 15+. A lot of guest stars will be coming in, I think the first one is Logans cousin. But I already have a lot of guest stars I can use, names and stuff will always be in the description just in case anybody gets lost at who is who. I hated my Opening Credits so I didnt post it. Last night I heard the preview for Ashleys new song and I thought I will make a production sign instead. If someone can make an Opening Credit for me then I will advertise their account on my videos, seems like a good deal to me. God this is dragging on forever but its nearly ending. Can anyone recommend any music I can use on this series? Cause I wanted to use 3oh!3 but they always get muted so I am stuck with these for the moment so help please? Video Stats; Music; Its Alright, Its OK Ashley Tisdale [Opening Credits] Heartbeat Scouting For Girls Into Ya Jesse McCartney Revelry Kings Of Leon [Ending Credits] Cast; Aidan Hollow Zac Efron Blake Walker Ashley Tisdale Justin Hollow Robert Pattinson Jake Walker Joe Jonas Kylie Brown Vanessa Hudgens Logan Thompson Chace Crawford Demi Lovato Cassie Lewis Tyler Jameson Drake Bell Disclaimer: I dont own any audio/pictures/videos, all I own is the plot. Not making this for money just for entertainment purposes. Jaymee xo

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