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Rhythm Heaven Fever - Stage 12 - Built to Scale

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If you ever played Rhythm Heaven at all, then you will remember this: "Built to Scale" was the first stage in that game. It received its name because of the do-re-mi cues. In a way, that's what made "Built to Scale" the introductory stage, since otherwise it may be difficut to understand what it is you're trying to do. The do-re-mi cues are absent from this one though, losing any relevance of the title. Instead, it's just a straight-up assembling of...something. But it's still done to some pretty neat music, which would make or break a rhythm game. Of course, this is Stage 12, not Stage 1, so it'd have to be a bit more complicated than the original "Built to Scale." There, you just shove rods into the rolling square nuts as they align in front of your device. Here, the rods appear long before the nuts align themselves, and you have to keep bouncing them until the right time. This stage also seems to take pleasure in speeding up or slowing down the music, so you have to stay alert. Coming up next is Stage 13, "Air Rally," featuring a game of badminton played high up in the clouds.

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