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Thrill in South India

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Thrill in South India Hare Krishna. This Trip was held in south India in between 1st to 10th September of year 2016, under the supervision of H.G. Sarvapriya Prabhu ji(Chief coordinator of Ashraya) and H.G. Rasraj Prabhu ji(Senior Preacher of south Delhi). This trip was an experimental trip to take darshan of the places in south India where Shree Chaitanaya Mahaprabhu visited. 12 leader devotees from south Delhi visited the 12 places and developed a very deep relationship among each other. And the devotees planned to take big groups over there in upcoming years. For more Information you can visit our webpage: "myashraya" for more upcoming videos like this. standard youtube copyright. Please don't use it for commercial purpose. Created by: Ashraya Media Sound :

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