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“Make This Castle A Home" Instrumental - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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“Make This Castle A Home" (Instrumental Version) from the episode “Castle Sweet Castle" of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” (S05E03). (DOWNLOAD LINK BELOW). --Overall Comments-- Season 5 doesn’t waste any time giving us the Twilight and The Golden Oaks Library sendoff episode! And what an emotional, from-the-heart episode it was. But what did surprise me is the amount of fantastic humor in it as well! The Golden Oaks Library finally gets a name-drop, as well as it’s proper sendoff for the series, including some beautiful renditions of the Golden Oaks Library theme. The standout from this episode music-wise is most certainly the song and its reprise. Just a beautiful piece of music all around! New MLP writers Joanna Lewis & Kristine Songco have definitely quickly grasped the characters and concepts of the show, and picked up just like they’ve been writing for the series all along. --Track Specific Comments-- Second week of season 5, and we already have our second song! This song is just beautiful, and screams “MLP”. From the guitars, to the amazing orchestra, to the trademark mandolin, this song is an instant classic. Each pony gets a solo part in the song, which all lead up to some great harmonies as they all join in together. I really love the bridge, with the really driving drums backing up the vocals. Unfortunately, it seems like orchestrator Steffan Andrews couldn’t assist with this season, but Caleb Chan does a fantastic job with the orchestration on this one, allowing the strings to really add so much to the overall feel of the song, and really build it up at part. David Corman also returns to add in the guitar and mandolin parts, which really shine like they did in “The Ballad of the Crystal Empire.” After last week’s amazing song which once again expanded the genre reach of MLP, it’s nice to have a song right after that brings the series’ music back to its roots. (Watch in 1080p!) DOWNLOAD: MP3 (320 kbps): (Instrumental).mp3 AAC (320 kbps): (Instrumental).m4a Apple Lossless (ALAC): (Instrumental).m4a FLAC: (Instrumental).flac ----) Download all Songs/BGM from episode: https://

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