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The perfect practice. Swimming motivation

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Most days going to practice is mentally difficult. Sometimes practice is boring. Some days I feel like i make no progress. but other times everything aligns perfectly and I have a perfect practice. For some reason today I have a good attitude. I had a good night sleep and a small early breakfast. The sun just came up and the pool is calm and has the perfect temperature. I say hi to my teammates and they are also ready for the challenge. We chat a little as we warm up our shoulders. I feel a little sore but also strong from the lifting I have been doing. The coach starts yelling at us so we get in before he makes us swim unnecessary butterfly. As soon as I get in I feel that this is going to be a good day. I feel the water through every inch of my body but specially my finger tips. My muscles lift me up in the water a little more than usual. Almost effortlessly. Warm up is long, so I get a little impatient. I know I have to save energy for the main set so I do the warm up at a controlled speed. I feel my sore muscles getting warmed up as I swim more laps. We do a kick set and my legs feel amazing. Now it is time for some technique. I just want to go fast, but I know I need to work on my technique a little more. I learn something new about my underwater kick that I can apply in the main set, so I get more exited. The main set is very hard. The intervals are almost impossible. The resting times are practically nothing. I am not sure I will be able to make all those intervals but my teammates will push me, because I cannot let them beat me. My body starts aching. My lungs are at full capacity. I get a little rest. The oxygen brings new strength to my muscles. Time to go! I don’t think I can go fast anymore but I try the new underwater technique I learned. It gives me a little advantage. This is it, the last 100 fast! I focus on resting these last seconds. Then I go. I do the best underwater kicks I have done, combined with the best breakout and I carry the speed off the wall through the whole 25. I land the flip turn perfectly so I push off strongly to carry the speed to the next wall. in The last 25 I find a little of strength left in my legs and they carry me to victory. The coach congratulates me! It’s time to do the warm down. I feel tired. I just want a warm shower, a lot of food, a nap and I will be ready for the next practice! If you want to have the perfect practice you need to have a strong mindset. That is why we created this swim cap! or maybe you just need tacos, that is why we created this swim cap. Check out these and other designs at our website. Skills NT Shop: https:///swimming-shop/ Subscribe to our email list:

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