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How to add custom skins in Minecraft Story Mode!!!

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Hi,everyone! This is AndrewTheOnly and today I will show you how to add custom skins to Minecraft Story Mode,like add your Minecraft skin to Minecraft story mode! Here down below are the steps for add custom skins: 1.First's thing first,you need to download uMod from this site: https://code./archive/p/texmod/downloads .I recommend you to download the normal version. 2.Extract uMod. n uMod as administrator,hover the mouse over Main and select Start game through command.Find the location of your MinecraftStoryMode.exe and run through command: -nod3d9ex -launcher 4.Now go to desktop without closing the game,go to uMod and press "Save single texture" for easy retexturing, select the keys for "Back","Save" and "Next" by pressing the button and then the key. Then,select the format of the texture(i chose png),and the save location of it(default is uMod\textures). 5.After you made the textures,Minecraft Story Mode will crash if you try to enter it,so you may want to start the game again with the command.After you run the game,find your caracter and hold "Back" or "Next"(Back is faster) your caracter appears green(or other color).Ok now press "Save". 6.Go to your folder that you saved the textures,and you will see a weird name,something like MinecraftStoryMode6_W128_H128_F827611204_T_0XDC2102A8679FE384 .Open the texture and start retexturing.After you done to retexture,go to uMod and you see a white box? Right click it and select Open texture/package, and select your texture. n the game again and go to your caracter.Did it work? Great! If it didn't then try to close the game and uMod and open them again. It should work at some point. By the way, 2 Jesse skins will not work, even if is Jesse Male and Jesse Female,i don't know why.Maybe it will work for you. Hope I helped you today,a like would be appreciated and I will see you all next time!

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