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Club Penguin Rewritten - Jet Pack Adventure - Ace Pilot and Kerching! StampGuide

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This is a demonstration showing how I got the Ace Pilot Stamp for Jet Pack Adventure. Here are also some tips in order to obtain it: 1) Don't bring a green puffle with you, since they 99% will collect a coin, since coins are everywhere. 2) Burn fuel cans at the end of each level, by flying on top of the launchpad (don't go too high over the launding pad, otherwise you may accidentally lose a life for being off fuel for too long, try to stay near it though). 3) Levels 1 and 2 are easy levels, as you don't have to head north to the launch pad. You may have to go right throughout for those two levels, and avoid the coins. These shouldn't take that long getting used to. 4) Level 3 is the easiest to not getting any coins, as there is an easy tactic to getting this done. The strategy is to hold up and right throughout, until you reach the header of the scene, release up as it burns more fuel. Try to not lose sight of the top of the level though, so you may want to press up every two seconds, until you see the 1-up. Collect the 1-up and fly towards the launching pad; your jet pack should be close to running out of fuel, so that's done. You shouldn't stress that much over this level either. 5) Level 4 is the trickiest level, but can be tackled eventually, and if you get into a habit of doing it a lot, you'll find it going easy. at 2:14 bump into the top wall barrier and fly through the coin gap. At the beginning of the level, fly under the coins to get through the first wave. This may not work on the first go as you do need practice with it, so don't feel bad if you didn't execute what you had planned correctly. 6) Level 5 is easier than Level 4, but there are coins scattered everywhere on the map so you have to be extra slow and cautious in the level. Avoid coins as much as you can, and everything should run smoothly. Also do collect the 1-up just incase you run out of fuel, as this is the longest level (but quite short in time). If you have any questions regarding these stamps, feel free to comment down below! Waddle on! :D STAMPS OBTAINED: Jet Pack 5 - Complete 5 levels - MEDIUM Kerching! - Collect 650 coins - HARD Ace Pilot - Complete the game without collecting coins - EXTREME 11/18 Jet Pack Adventure Stamps Obtained from this video 2/4 Pictures Shown in Stampbook

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