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QUICK HACKS TO MAKE EVERYTHING EASIER What are your favorite kitchen gadgets, guys? I've made a list of mine to share with you! Herb scissors These five-blade herb shears will help you mince up your herbs and vegetables for perfect salads and veggie medleys. They also come with two drawstring herb bags so you can keep your sliced-up herbs for later. Magnetic Knife Holder Why have a regular old knife rack when you can hang your arsenal right off the wall? This knife holder can hold your knives with its magnetic design. It's supposedly easy to install, so you can save space on your countertop. Heat Conducting Scoop When you're trying to serve up ice cream straight from the freezer, you may end up doing more chiseling than scooping, or even more waiting than scooping. According to the product page, this innovative scoop conducts your own body heat through the handle and around the rim of the scoop for quick access to your ice cream. Onion chopper If you don't want to cover up your eyes, you could just cover up the onions. This onion chopper lets you chop up onions straight into a containter to reduce onion vapors and help minimize tears. And the best kitchen gadget ever is...the pineapple core!!! Let's check them all out and see them at work! TIMESTAMPS: 0:12 Best kitchen gadgets 3:09 How to sharpen a knife 5:56 Winecork flashdrive 8:31 Homemade knife magnetic board ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://

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