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Unboxing of Academy 1/48 Royal Australian Air Force F-111C

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A little of the history of this kit. The F-111 was an all-weather attack aircraft, capable of low-level penetration of enemy defenses to deliver ordnance on the target.[34] The F-111 featured variable geometry wings, an internal weapons bay and a cockpit with side by side seating. The cockpit was part of an escape crew capsule.[35] The wing sweep varied between 16 degrees and 72.5 degrees (full forward to full sweep). The wing in-cluded leading edge slats and double slotted flaps over its full length.[36] The airframe was made up mostly of aluminum alloys with steel, titanium and other materials used in places.[37] The fuselage was made of a semi-monocoque structure with stiffened panels and honeycomb sandwich panels for skin.[36][37] The F-111 used a three-point landing gear arrangement, with a two-wheel nose gear and two single-wheel main landing gear. The landing gear door for the main gear, which was positioned in the center of the fuselage, also served as a speed brake in flight.[36][38] Most F-111 variants included a terrain-following radar system connected to the autopilot. The aircraft was powered by two Pratt & Whitney TF30 afterburning turbofan engines. The F-111's variable geometry wings, escape capsule, terrain following radar, and afterburning turbofans were new technologies for production aircraft.[39] Here is a link to this kit on the Academy website

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