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Dual Subwoofers: Possible Problems, Pitfalls, and Tips For Making It Work (Wireless, Mixed, Phase)

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Dual subwoofers were easy for me, but I listed some things that "might" cause issues when going from single to dual subwoofers... Vv Click "SHOW MORE" vV Vv System setup details and affiliate links below vV This is the list I came up with, and if you have any additions or think I made a mistake, feel free to comment below. Here are things that "could" create problems when you're trying to go dual. If you have a listed scenario, it does not mean that you ARE having an issue, but if you are having an issue, it "could be" one of these things. *Not running room correction after adding an additional sub. *Room correction not measuring all subs at once (again, this "might" be a problem with subwoofers that have their own correction built in- I couldn't find a definitive answer on this) *Distance settings being off. Keep in mind that DSP creates a delay, causing room correction to read it as further away. This is normal. Distance is a way to control phase. I like to add a little distance myself (in my configuration I add 4 feet to each subwoofer). Always trust your ears, a beautiful graph can still sound ugly. *Subwoofers out of phase. *Mismatched subs. This can vary, and having mismatched subs does not ensure problems, but it can be challenging. This goes for mixing sealed and ported as well. Some people like doing it, but I wouldn't set out to do it myself. I want a "united front" of bass, not 2 subs in business for themselves, doing their own thing. * Mixing Wired with Wireless subs. Again, you "can" do this, and it might work out, but my experience was pretty negative, and instead of a smoother graph with 4 subs, I had the ugliest graph I'd ever seen. That does not mean that you won't be successful mixing wired and wireless, it's just a known issue. *Taking room correction samples too far apart. I used to take samples wherever the seats were, but Audyssey wants you to take the samples close together, even if it doesn't exactly match your seating. My results improved after grouping samples tighter around my main listening position. Some of this I had to imagine, since I've had a really easy time with duals until I tried to mix them. What did I miss? Put it in the comments below! ***Gear and Links*** Subwoofers should reproduce quality sound with authority throughout the humanly audible bass spectrum (20-100 hertz). Most ported subwoofers do not. Browse this channel and (strongly recommend for TV's and AVR's) (newer version) Measurement Mic for use with Room EQ Wizard: https://sub101.link/UMIK-1 VTF-15h (mine is MK-1): (free, donations encouraged for the guy that created it-not me):

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