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~~FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM (@Channingnyoung) (@Channingyoung). LOVE YOU!~~So here's the story.... Awhile ago I started making videos for TheChanningShow. I wanted to do a "Stuffed Animal Dog show" and see how many other people did one as a video response (Was for my school). The first time I tried to record it this happened.... So then I made the video again and it turned out good. I asked my brother to put the good one up on youtube for me (cuz I don't know how). When he saw this video on my camera he thought it was funny so he put it on youtube instead... So.. That's the story... It's okay, you can laugh. I guess it is pretty funny. ***NOTICE*** I am the orginal owner of this video. Copying it and putting on your channel without permission is stealing! SUBSCRIBE!

Вы смотрели видео онлайн по поисковой фразе PLEASE DONT WATCH THIS :(. Если найденное видео онлайн PLEASE DONT WATCH THIS :( Вам понравилось и Вы удовлетворили свои потребности киномана, можете поделиться впечатлениями ниже...

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