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How to Develop a Relationship with JESUS CHRIST

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A relationship with Jesus Christ is ONLY developed when you choose to PRAY to Him and make up your mind that you will OBEY whatever HE tells you to do. Don’t let anyone overcomplicate this for you. A lot of Christians have overcomplicated a relationship, a genuine relationship with JESUS. They THINK that a relationship with Jesus means Bible knowledge. So they seek out every good Bible study, thinking that once they find the perfect Bible study they will have a perfect relationship with Jesus. That is a LIE. You will NOT have a right relationship with Jesus from a good Bible study. That is NOT true. A relationship with Jesus means YOU ARE ABLE TO HEAR FROM HIM! YOU ARE ABLE TO OBEY HIM BECAUSE YOU CAN HEAR FROM HIM CLEARLY! A lot of Christians are NOT hearing from Jesus, and it is impossible to obey a Master that you cannot hear. You HAVE TO receive the HOLY SPIRIT! GO and pray and ask JESUS for the guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT! Wait upon HIM in prayer. Ask HIM to give you ears that hear and eyes that see, because if you are deaf HOW can you obey the Master? Don’t let ANYONE complicate this for you. You don’t need to go to a pastor or a church. You NEED to go directly to the Living GOD! The ONE that can help you the ONE who created you! HE KNOWS HOW TO SPEAK TO YOU! And HE knows how to reveal Himself to YOU! But YOU have to be SERIOUS about seeking HIM! Ask Him to open your spiritual ears to hear Him, and make up your mind that you WILL OBEY HIM. Kneel yourself at HIS feet, NOT the feet of a pastor or a Bible study leader, or anyone on Youtube, but make SURE that you are hearing from JESUS HIMSELF! And THEN once you KNOW for certain you are hearing from HIM, NEVER LET GO OF HIM! He will lead you and He will guide you. He will lead you down an impossible road. But with GOD ALL things are possible! Do you really want to go on the straight and narrow road with JESUS that leads to eternal life? May the grace of Jesus be with you.

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