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surviving jaws in roblox!!!

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☆Customize your own boat is a Work in Progress Update!☆\n\nLike state Groups? Join this!\n(Any Problems Message Him, Thanks!)\n----------------------------------------\nRoblox enabled a new feature that allows you to have your own JAWS 2014 place server. You get to choose who is allowed to play in your server so you don't have to deal with noobs or guest anymore. To create a new VIP server, click on the "Games" tab on this page and then select "Create VIP Server". Cost R$ though.\n----------------------------------------\n(Update log)\n☆All Servers are now HACK PROOF!\n☆Fixed Bugs in NEW Servers\n☆You Can Now PLAY AS JAWS in NEW SERVERS\n☆Added a Jet\n☆Added tugboats\n----------------------------------------\n☆Solution to Lag, Crash, Frame Rate Issue: \n1. Esc > Game Settings > Graphics Quality\n2. 'Graphic Setting' button above bottom of your screen. \n3. Get a\n\n Visit this place at

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