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Shadows On The Streets (Soundtrack : Twin Rivers by Big Scary)

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These videos may seem estranged in a way - not having any connection with one another whatsoever. To me, honestly,these fragments somehow stitch together and make perfect sense. A candid view of sorts, and funnily most of these fragments ARE candid. This is life - I work, play, laugh - i wonder. Isolation, fear, the night, the dark.. I cry, i sulk. i smoke, i drink, i loiter - i'm the caterpillar in your cocoon that never really transformed into the butterfly you wished to see.. the butterfly you wished to see - it was never about the beauty within me, it was always about what you wanted to see. Now you call me a rebel, a misfit. I see you, your eyes on me.. judging my very being. You want Control. order, chains .. insecurity? Yet i love, i don't hate. This isn't just life, it is mine - to shape the way i want. In this world where people are running too fast to even notice how many they leave behind, i take a moment, to breathe, and to live. I am not articulate enough to be able to string together words in a manner beautiful enough and so i take aid of my Camera instead. This is my first attempt at a film. If you've reached this far, i just want to thank you. I own copyrights of the video content. Copyrights reserved ©Eeshani Kochhar I do not own the music. Background Score - Twin Rivers by Big Scary

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